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Agilent Nano Indenter

Agilent Nano Indenter G200
The Nano Indenter G200 from Agilent Technology is the most advanced platform for exploring material properties at the nano and micro scales. The Nano Indenter G200 system is a flagship instrument for performing nanoindentation experiments, its capabilities extend to other modes of testing; such as scratch testing and nanomechanical microscopy and you can perform a variety of different tests.

Agilent Nano Indenter G200 with continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) module, dynamic contact module II (DCM II), temperature-control module, and NanoVisionTM scanning probe microscope module. Agilent Technologies is the world top manufacture of nanomechanical testing instruments, and Nano Indenter G200 is their most advanced platform for exploring material properties at the nano and micro scales with ultrahigh resolution: 10 nano-Newton for load and 0.1nm for displacement, and at a temperature up to 350°C.

Designed for exclusive use with the Nano Indenter G200, the revolutionary Express Test software module allows the G200 to perform one complete indentation per second (i.e., approach, contact detection, load, unload, and movement to the next indentation site). It permits up to 100 indents to be performed at 100 different surface sites in 100 seconds! Tip calibration can be completed in 15 minutes (versus a few hours), greatly enhancing productivity. The Express Test option is also able to provide topology, hardness, modulus, and stiffness maps, simultaneously, in a reasonable amount of time.

Highly versatile, easy-to-use Express Test methods are ideal for applications involving metals, glasses, ceramics, structural polymers, thin films, and low-k materials. In order to achieve these revolutionary measurements, the G200 must be configured with a DCM II indentation head, a NanoVision stage option, the Express Test option, and NanoSuite Professional 6.1. NanoSuite 6.1 also provides a fully integrated tool that greatly simplifies the determination of indenter area function and load-frame stiffness. Once a rather involved and time-consuming endeavor, this process now requires only a couple of mouse-clicks within the NanoSuite 6.1 program. Brand new prewritten methods for testing gels (DCM II indentation head and CSM option required) and for measuring strain-rate sensitivity (XP indentation head and CSM option required) are available with NanoSuite 6.1 as well.

Technical Specifications :
  • Results compliant with ISO 14577 and ASTM 2546
  • Electromagnetic actuation for unparalleled dynamic range
  • Real-time control
  • Easy protocol development
  • Drift compensation

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