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Allied High Tech - MultiPrep Polishing System

The MultiPrep™ System enables precise semi-automatic sample preparation of a wide range of materials for microscopic (optical, SEM, FIB, TEM, AFM, etc.) evaluation. Capabilities include parallel polishing, angle polishing, site-specific polishing or any combination thereof. It provides reproducible sample results by eliminating inconsistencies between users, regardless of their skill.

Dual micrometers (pitch and roll) allow precise sample tilt adjustments relative to the abrasive plane. A rigid Z-indexing spindle maintains the pre-defined geometric orientation throughout the grinding/polishing process.

Digital indicators enable quantifiable material removal, which can be monitored real-time, or pre-set for unattended operation. Variable speed rotation and oscillation maximize use of the entire abrasive/polishing disc and minimize artifacts. Adjustable load control expands its capability to handle a range of small (delicate) to large samples.

Common applications include parallel circuit delayering, cross-sectioning, serial/3-D preparation, wedge polishing and more.

MultiPrep Features:

The MultiPrep System provides Unequalled Results in a variety of sample preparation applications.

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