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AutoLab Triaxial System

AutoLab 2000
AutoLab 2000 is a versatile triaxial apparatus for petrophysical and mechanical rock properties measurements at in situ conditions on specimens from 0.75 to 4.0 inches in diameter. Based on experimental requirements, the apparatus can be designed to operate at confining pressures to 30,000 psi (200 MPa) and pore pressures to 15,000 psi (100 MPa) with a pressure vessel bore diameter as large 7.50 inches.

AutoLab 2000 is a complete laboratory system, which performs standard rock mechanics tests and facilitates the measurement of coupled processes. Velocity, permeability, and resistivity transducers are designed to accommodate strain instrumentation. Measure strain, and compressional and shear wave velocities to compare static and dynamic elastic moduli; relate changes in permeability to stress induced anisotropy; or correlate electrical resistivity with pore volume compression. AutoLab software acquires these data while simultaneously controlling the loading paths. Rapid data reduction and informative reports speed up analysis.

This high-end triaxial system provides all of the capabilities described in the other AutoLab systems. The main difference is higher overburden pressures, pore pressures, differential stresses, and larger specimen sizes. The AutoLab 2000 can be designed and fabricated to handle specimens up to 4.00 inches in diameter and a much broader range of experiment types.

Key Features:
  • Deformation experiments for conventional and specialized loading paths
  • Pore volume compressibility
  • Servo-hydraulic control of strain rate, force, confining pressure, pore pressure, and flow rate
  • Two pore pressure intensifiers to facilitate fluid exchange
  • Strain measurement with either LVDTs or strain gages
  • Temperatures to 250°F (121°C)
  • Integrated electronics console for servo- amplifiers and signal conditioning
  • AutoLab software for system control and data acquisition

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