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Coretest Systems Gas Permeability

AP-608 Automated Porosimeter-Permeameter (Gas Permeability)
Automated Porosimeter-Permeameter is utilized to measure permeability & porosity , primarily on core samples taken from petroleum reservoirs, at multiple confining pressures ranging from 500 to 9,500 psi. These measurements are used by reservoir engineers to determine the flow and storage characteristics of a reservoir.

The AP-608 Automated Permeameter-Porosimeter is a cost-effective advanced system for performing automated permeability and porosity tests at confining pressures up to 9950 psi over a wide permeability range. The AP-608 uses a pressure decay technique to determine Klinkenberg-corrected permeabilities, slip and turbulence correction factors.

  • Permeability range from 10,000 to .001 mD
  • Pore volume can also be measured
  • Automated analysis
  • Two core holders with 1.0” and 1.5” diameter
  • Core sample length up to 4.0 inches

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