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Denton Vacuum Sputter Coater for SEM Samples

The Denton Vacuum DESK IV sets the industry standard for ease of sputter coating. No other sputter coater can match its combination of fast cycle times, low substrate temperature during sputtering and reliability. Completely self-contained, the DESK IV TSC comes ready to use with a 60 l/s turbo molecular pump, a two stage, direct drive, 60 lpm mechanical pump with exhaust filter for ultra fine grain sample preparation and features 6" O.D. steel chamber with viewport. The Desk IV TSC unit is the industry proven sample preparation product that is used extensively for SEM and TEM applications.

The Desk® IV is a totally self-contained unit - The 60 lpm mechanical pump with exhaust fi lter is fi tted within the system cabinet, directly below the deposition chamber. This arrangement assures superior and faster operation while freeing up valuable laboratory space.

Bombardment of a sputter target will generate particulate vapor which will condense into very thin, amorphous layers onto available surfaces within the device vacuum chamber. This instrument is primarily utilized for SEM sample preparation.

  • Pumping System Enclosed within Cabinet
  • Short Deposition Times
  • Consistent Deposition Parameters
  • Color Touchpad with Graphics Capabilities
  • Film Thickness Control
  • Etch Mode for Sample Cleaning
  • Wide Variety of Target Materials Available

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