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Despatch Oven

Despatch LEB Oven
The LEB Series Ovens have the most effective heat distribution and the fastest processing time of any lab ovens their size. Air is discharged from the floor plate of the oven and distributed through the chamber.

  • The sturdy construction and high grade insulation of the Despatch LEB Series ovens contribute to excellent high temperature performance.
  • Proportional digital CONTROL instrument to control temperature fluctuations.
  • Manual reset HI-LIMIT instrument to protect the chamber workload as well as the oven itself.
  • Unique Despatch design with a system of perforated stainless steel walls for the ultimate in temperature performance.
  • Welded double wall construction and fiberglass insulation to reduce heat loss. Silicone rubber gaskets further minimize heat leakage.
  • Rapid response heater with a five year warranty.
  • Scratch-resistant baked enamel exterior and stainless steel interior for easy cleaning.
  • Space-saving, stackable design.

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