Unconventional Shale Gas Consortium

QEMSCAN® Wellsite™ analysis system

A novel cuttings analysis solution designed for integration into advanced mud-logging services (AML) provided by surface logging companies with a vested interest in improving the quality, consistency and value of their mud-logging services to the oil and gas industry.

The QEMSCAN WellSite solution provides automated, quantitative mineralogical, lithological and textural analysis of drill cuttings from oil and gas wells. In the field test, the system was deployed on an off-shore jack-up drilling rig near Qatar, where it was used to characterize carbonate and clastic geological sequences and reservoirs.

The QEMSCAN WellSite system combines scanning electron microscopy and X-ray spectrometry to deliver automated mineralogical analysis. It also provides automated microscopic textural details, elemental compositional and two-dimensional core porosity analysis unavailable from conventional techniques. The QEMSCAN WellSite system is a ruggedized solution that is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of the drilling rig. The compact configuration takes up little space and simplified operation reduces the need for operator training and expertise. The oil and gas industry uses QEMSCAN WellSite to reduce risks and improve lifting costs, based on knowledge derived from the micro analysis of drill cuttings and cores.

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