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Orton Dilatometer

Orton dilatometer is used for Thermal Dilatometer Analysis (TDA), often called “dilatometry” which measures the dimensional change of a material (ceramics, glasses, metals, composites, carbon/graphite, minerals, polymers, and others) as a function of temperature.

A standard dilatometer test determines both reversible and irreversible changes in length (expansion and shrinkage) during heating and cooling, and pinpoints where reactions occur that cause expansion or contraction.

An Orton dilatometer can be used to determine Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), softening point, glass transition temperature, curie point, crystalline transformation, phase transition, shrinkage, warping, bloating, sintering rate, isothermal creep, and stress relaxation. With a dilatometer, test samples are quickly and easily measured for determining firing ranges and firing schedules, measuring thermal expansion ranges for glaze fits, and measuring thermal expansion ranges for R&D, QC or product certification.

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