Unconventional Shale Gas Consortium

2MHz NMR Rock Core Analyzer

Fast Core Measurement
NMR Rock Core Analyzer is used to analyze 39 mm (1.5") diameter core samples from hydrocarbon reservoirs. This compact and fast device is ideal for the analysis of hydrocarbon reservoir rock cores.

Magritek's Rock Core Analyzer generates CPMG sequences with very short tau - down to 30 microseconds for some probes - for high resolution of short T2 decay terms. The system has a very high SNR, which can significantly reduce the measurement time for a single sample, particularly on tight rock samples where small pores dominate.

  • High signal to noise ratio, over 1000:1 in 4 scans for 60 ml water sample, significantly reduces measurement time for low porosity rocks
  • High resolution of short T2 values with tau times down to 30 µs
  • Novel magnet design for compact size with low weight
  • Magnet temperature isolated from sample temperature
  • Large bore with large working volume for gradients and overburden cells
  • Optional pulsed field gradients for imaging and diffusion measurements
  • Fully integrated software package included with system
  • Dual-mode software scales to user's needs, with simple process control mode and powerful research mode

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