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Oxford Instruments GeoSpec2 12MHz NMR

Core Analyser - GeoSpec2
GeoSpec is the industry standard NMR core analyser, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide.

Low field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is routinely used in core analysis laboratories to examine the T2 relaxation time distribution of fluids in core plugs. These distributions can be interpreted to give information on: pore size distributions; permeability; total and effective porosity; free fluid index and bound water volumes.

The partnership between Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies allows us to integrate hardware and software to enable any core analysis laboratory to generate these petrophysical results without the need for in-depth knowledge of NMR.

NMR measurements made on cores in the lab can be used to calibrate down-hole NMR well logs, for example allowing the T2 cutoff value to be varied with depth as the rock lithology changes. In this way, depth-specific values can be applied retrospectively to the log data instead of assuming a single average value for the entire log.

More recent developments now also allow Capillary Pressure to be measured by NMR, at least four times faster than by conventional centrifuge measurements. This method has been patented by Green Imaging Technologies and is available exclusively on Oxford Instruments’ GeoSpec2 range of NMR core analysers.

The GeoSpec range of NMR Core Analysers is designed specifically for studies of core samples from oil and gas reservoirs.

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