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Precision Acoustic Scanning System

Ultrasonic Precision Scanning
Matec Micro Electronics has designed an ultrasonic precision scanning system capable of testing at high frequencies and at high speeds to produce high-resolution images. This ultrasonic scanner is equipped to inspect microelectronic components and parts that require micron size defect detection. Along with the high-resolution images and analysis Windows? software package, MME offers a complete digital data acquisition solution for your inspection needs.

MI-SCAN System Features:
  • Linear Servo Motor Drives on Scan and Step Axes
  • 0.1 Micron Linear Encoder on Scan and Step Axes
  • Close Loop Operation
  • Immersion Tank Large Enough for Two JEDEC Trays
  • Pulse Echo and Through Transmission Inspection
  • Capable of Detecting Flaws as Small as 5 microns
  • Fully Digital Data Acquisition System
  • Windows Software (MI-Scan IC)
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Range 5 - 300 MHz
  • 1-4 GHz A/D Digitizer
  • System Enclosure with Safety Features
  • Immersion Tank Pump & Filter
  • Scan, Step and Focus Jog Controls
  • JEDEC Tray & Scan Platform Fixtures

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