Unconventional Shale Gas Consortium

Teledyne Isco Series D single-pump system

High-Precision, High-Pressure Syringe Pump
The 1000D is the largest of the Isco D-series pump modules, with 1-liter nominal cylinder capacity. It delivers precise, positive, pulseless flow over a range of 0.1 ml/minute to 400 ml/minute, at pressures from atmospheric to 2,000 psi.

Improved displacement resolution on this new model gives finer control over motor movement. Coupled to our patented servo circuit, this means the 1000D can deliver excellent flow accuracy without the need for external flow meters. You get low-flow precision at any pressure, plus the high speed smoothness and power of a DC motor.

The 1000D features 1/4" NPT fittings on inlet and outlet ports for less restriction in filling with viscous materials and for easy connection in pilot plant and other common applications. It also has a special piston wash gland that lets you rinse the cylinder wall behind the primary seal, reducing or eliminating corrosive or abrasive effects of the fluid being dispensed. The result is a longer lasting pump with lower maintenance costs.

  • Core Flooding
  • Reactant Feeding
  • Supercritical Fluids
  • HPLC and Ultra-HPLC
  • Constant flow
  • Constant pressure
  • Flow or pressure programming
  • External control

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