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Gas and Vapor Dosing Systems

FlexiDOSE - gas and vapor mixing and pressure controller
FlexiDOSE instruments are universal gas and vapor dosing devices and pressure controllers: Modular design, flexible and customizable high pressure gas and vapor dosing systems. The FlexiDOSE instruments can mix gases and/or vapors with exactly controlled compositions. Different models are available for mixing bulk components - typically in the % concentration range - up to exact control of trace components in the ppm level. These mixtures can be used for instance for calibration of composition measuring instruments or for studying reaction in mixed atmospheres. FlexiDOSE are equipped with highly accurate pressure controllers for preparing the reaction atmospheres in a wide pressure range up to 700 bar. With intiutive operation through touchscreen control and the integrated hard- and software safety features the FlexiDOSE are ideal for combination with all kinds of reactors, auto leaves and instruments.

Specifications / Capabilities:
  • Gas dosing and mixing.
  • Vapor generation and metering.
  • Pressure control.

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