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FEI Quanta Environmental SEM

FEI Quanta 200 Environmental SEM
The Quanta series from FEI is the advanced, flexible solution for current and future diagnostics applications. Featuring three imaging modes – high-vacuum, low-vacuum and ESEMTM it accommodates the widest range of samples of any SEM system. It is engineered to provide maximum data – imaging and microanalysis – from all specimens, with or without preparation.

  • Increase your imaging capabilities with high resolution high- , low- and extended low-vacuum (ESEM) secondary electron imaging
  • Minimize switching between different detectors, have all the information from the different detectors instantly available on one single screen in Quanta’s four Quadrant user interface
  • Minimize the amount of sample preparation, low- and ESEM-vacuum capability enables charge free imaging and analysis of non-conductive specimens and/or hydrated specimens
  • Increase your analysis capabilities by performing in-situ dynamic experiments and live record them on video
  • Increase your analytical capabilities by enabling EDS analysis on non-conductive samples in low-vacuum thanks to Quanta’s patented through the lens pumping
  • Increase your flexibility and operate the microscope from any computer by using Quanta’s remote capability
  • Minimal requirements on floor space, power supply and environment

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