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Thermo Scientific FT-IR Spectrometer

Nicolet 8700 Research FT-IR Spectrometer
Thermo Scientific Nicolet 8700 spectrometer is a research-grade instrument designed for maximum experimental flexibility and performance. The Nicolet 8700 FT-IR breaks through time-scale, sensitivity, and sampling barriers with a suite of advanced features for research spectroscopy applications. Building on all the capabilities of the Nicolet 6700, the Nicolet 8700 offers a full range of step-scan operation modes, dual-channel internal digitizers, extended spectral range, and flexible inputs and status signals for interfacing the Nicolet 8700 to external experiments. Fully equipped for the research laboratory, the Nicolet 8700 is ready to tackle the most challenging experiments.

PEM Module for Nicolet FT-IR Spectrometers
Thermo Scientific* PEM Module for Nicolet FT-IR Spectrometers is a dedicated external experiment module for polarization modulation (PM) experiments. The Photoelastic Modulation (PEM) module is designed for Nicolet Series FT-IR spectrometers. The dual-channel capabilities of the spectrometers allow simultaneous acquisition of sum and differential signals from highly demanding polarization modulation experiments. The overall design of the module allows researchers to analyze thin films on reflective surfaces with minimal alignment adjustments.

High-Performance Features:
  • Multiple spectral range support with dual light sources, interchangeable beamsplitters, dual internal detector optics, and choice of mirror coatings
  • Step-Scan interferometer package with dynamic alignment provides superior performance and advanced scanning capabilities
  • Software tools for time-series and 2-D correlation analysis
  • Extended spectral range and scanning velocities
  • Dual-Channel data collection for simultaneous recording of two signals
  • Full utilization of digital signal processor (DSP) offers spectrometer control, signal generation, and data processing

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